Ep. 06 – Good Governance

If “honesty, justice, a sense of duty and are the essential pillars of a mature civil society” ( in Malta, Meeting with the Authorities, Civil and the Diplomatic Corps), how is doing on this score? Whilst everyone seems to agree that Malta needs to embrace these principles of good governance, the level of distrust and cynicism shown by people towards anything political seems to be increasing at an alarming level.

With Dr Lawrence Gonzi, former Prime Minister of Malta, and Dr Evarist Bartolo, former Minister for and Foreign Affairs, we discuss the complex reality of political life in Malta. Together with Mark Cachia from the and Commission they also speak about the urgent need to tackle the root causes of voter disillusion by undertaking the necessary institutional reforms coupled with a renewed emphasis on in values and political participation.

This month in depth…

A better kind of Politics

The secularization of in Malta has led to the increasingly accepted notion that the church should remain at the margins of public debate, alas, restricting itself only to faith...

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