Socially alone

Church in SocietySocially lonely?

One question I often get from parents of Gen Z's after they hear of my dabbling with digital theology is: What can I do? My child is always hooked on their mobile device! I am afraid there is something wrong with them! The aim of this short reflection is to try to answer whether we should be worried that our youth are socially alone or rather they are teaching us a new ecclesiology?

Church in SocietyOne Bishop, one Church

In their role of “headship” of the Church, Pope and Bishops, embody the paradox that Catholicism recognizes as the only real path to Truth—and notwithstanding the power and authority bestowed on them, they do so through their personal poverty.

Church in SocietyOn grief

I am nowhere near the sense of peace that is the gift of grief resolved; of healing from the trauma of the sudden collective loss of the life we knew. All I can do is pray for some strength that, notwithstanding the shadow of death, we can live fully, graciously, one day at a time...
The miraculous San Marcello al Corso crucifix pictured as Pope Francis delivers his homily in St Peter’s Square at the Vatican, prior to the Urbi et Orbi blessing. Photo: Vatican Media/AFP

Church in SocietyA Church that witnesses

Witness is the Church’s life­blood; and that life, lavished with his blood, is today in the solidarity, mutual care and self-emptying love we offer each other as concrete acts of ‘tending lambs’.

Church in SocietyA pilgrimage towards the Golgotha

This period is a pilgrimage period of walking up towards the Golgotha. As a Church, we are invited to partake in the sacrifice of Christ by feeling abandoned and lost, a spiritual desert, while we think of one another, intercede and make ourselves available for others. We are called to be the Simon of Cyrene.