love in post-covid world

Our Common HomePlease don’t interrupt me! I’m in a crisis!

Like a train going at full speed we cannot afford to slow down our economic/other activity. What we're not realising is that there is no way of surviving a crisis, unless we slow down, live through it & then changing into a new system. Whether at school, at home, at the workplace, nation or global wide.
The Exulsion

ArtThe Shameful Truth

Truth and Freedom are qualities we all desire - in our communities, in our leaders, in one another, and in ourselves. But how willing are we really to take the path of shame?

Our Common HomeKissing the Lord

It is in the garden, still smeared in the blood of his agony, foreshadowing the blood of his passion, that the mouth of Judas meets the mouth of Jesus. Yet the mouth has always been a pathway into another world.
the beauty of idleness

Our Common HomeThe Beauty of Idleness

In a society that places production before people, and economy before well-being, the greatest act of protest to help us rediscover our humanity is to do... absolutely nothing!
not rocking the boat leads to death

Our Common HomeDon’t rock the boat!

We are often invited directly or indirectly to stay put, shut our mouth and let things as they are. Is this really an option? What are the deeply human and Christian attitudes in front of injustice? Can we afford rebels or revolutions? But most of all can we afford to stay silent in front of suffering?