love in post-covid world

Our Common HomePlease don’t interrupt me! I’m in a crisis!

Like a train going at full speed we cannot afford to slow down our economic/other activity. What we're not realising is that there is no way of surviving a crisis, unless we slow down, live through it & then changing into a new system. Whether at school, at home, at the workplace, nation or global wide.
not rocking the boat leads to death

Our Common HomeDon’t rock the boat!

We are often invited directly or indirectly to stay put, shut our mouth and let things as they are. Is this really an option? What are the deeply human and Christian attitudes in front of injustice? Can we afford rebels or revolutions? But most of all can we afford to stay silent in front of suffering?
stay safe

Our Common HomeStay Safe

In this ‘stay safe’ there is something of our ‘island mentality’, there is something of our closure which in fact came out lashing in many circumstances over these past weeks.