Ep.04 – Sustainable Development

We speak about the urgent need to shift towards a more sustainable economic and social model. We also mention the responsibility of politicians to truly practice what they preach and about the links between social justice, environmental degradation and political participation.

Ep.03 – Cultural Heritage

With Fr Nicholas Doublet, lecturer in Church history at the University of Malta and Dr Karsten Xuereb, researcher in cultural relations with a focus on the Mediterranean, we speak about Malta’s calling to be a “laboratory of organic development” (Pope Francis).

Ep.02 – Displacement

Listen to our discussion with Dr Daniela Debono, lecturer in anthropology of migration at the University of Malta as we discuss displacement, the need to belong, and the reality of living during a tense age of both globalization and borders.

Ep.01 – Four Winds of Change

Andre Callus and John Paul Cauchi from Moviment Graffitti join Mark Cachia from the Justice & Peace Commission to discuss the speech Pope Francis addressed to Maltese authorities at the Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta.