Ep.01 – Four Winds of Change

Andre Callus and John Paul Cauchi from Moviment Graffitti join Mark Cachia from the Justice & Peace Commission to discuss the speech Pope Francis addressed to Maltese authorities at the Grandmaster’s Palace in Valletta.

Pope Francis certainly did not beat around the bush when he addressed the authorities during his visit in Malta last April. In his speech he directly mentioned the numerous struggles that we are facing as a society; such as migration, good governace, peace and human dignity. How are these words relevant to not only the Roman Catholics in Malta, but also to the members of society who are working towards social justice?

In a discussion with Andre Callus and John Paul Cauchi, two members from the Graffitti Movement, we question whether it is time to come up with a different radical economic model – one that protects mankind and the world we live in, rather than leaving it crippled and destroyed.

We explore ways of building communities that are not overcome with the fear of those who are indifferent to us. With regards to youths, we discuss how we can use the tools at hand to be encouraged when facing upcoming difficulties, as together, we continue to discover alternatives to the economic systems that are currently neglecting many people.

This month in depth…

Maltese NGOs: Stories of hope with a focus of community building aspect.

In an ideal world, no NGOs will be necessary, as the people in authority should be conscious of what is necessary for better living, and should work for what is...

The egalitarian role of welfare state policies (compulsory education, free health care, state pensions) in Europe (social policy/history)

Are we being complacent and taking the welfare state for granted? Is there a general sense of entitlement that could potentially endanger the welfare state?

Out of place: experiences of belonging in Malta

Any open attitude towards dialogue cannot ignore the implications of “migration as crisis”, which has been a generic phrase in media, political and academic discourses since the early 2010s. We...

Multicultural Malta – a prophesized threat or historical feature?

The following is a reflection on history, even though it will invariably discuss events and implications that are more recent. The reason for this is that it deals with concepts...

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