ArtCultural Heritage Through Music

Cultural Heritage is not about inanimate objects or old buildings. It is about stories and experiences. Music has a crucial role in the preservation, dissemination, and continuation of those stories, and must work in conjunction with other disciplines in order to ensure our cultural enrichment and be a positive change in the world.
not rocking the boat leads to death

Our Common HomeDon’t rock the boat!

We are often invited directly or indirectly to stay put, shut our mouth and let things as they are. Is this really an option? What are the deeply human and Christian attitudes in front of injustice? Can we afford rebels or revolutions? But most of all can we afford to stay silent in front of suffering?
stay safe

Our Common HomeStay Safe

In this ‘stay safe’ there is something of our ‘island mentality’, there is something of our closure which in fact came out lashing in many circumstances over these past weeks.

Church in SocietyA pilgrimage towards the Golgotha

This period is a pilgrimage period of walking up towards the Golgotha. As a Church, we are invited to partake in the sacrifice of Christ by feeling abandoned and lost, a spiritual desert, while we think of one another, intercede and make ourselves available for others. We are called to be the Simon of Cyrene.