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Religious priest of the Missionary Society of St Paul, currently studying Missiology in Rome.
Anna is an addiction specialist who has been working in this particular area for the past 25 years. She has a special interest in female drug addiction and all the consequences this brings along including prostitution
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Background in Science, Philosophy, Youth Ministry & Ignatian Spirituality. Main interests include Youth Ministry, Faith & Justice/Politics, Spirituality
Anton is a lawyer by profession and was ordained a priest in 2018. His interest is the link between politics and church. Sports is not his forte, he supports Inter. He is currently Religious Content Editor at Beacon Media Group.
Studied pictures but works with words; an overthinker who writes poetry when it gets a tad too intense; enjoys long and winding walks and talks; dreads the feeling of being followed by strangers, but, as a tour guide, is gradually growing accustomed to the feeling; usually calm and composed until presented with a kitten
I'm studying philosophy, but I doubt whether that makes me a philosopher.
Matthew is a priest, serving at the parish of Dingli. Prior to joining the seminary, he graduated with an MSc Informatics. He read for an MA Digital Theology in Durham. He is currently reading for a doctorate in practical digital theology where he will be theologically studying the identity of Maltese Gen-Z as expressed through their gaming patterns.
Wife, mother of three, Senior Lecturer in Moral Theology and Episcopal Delegate for Evangelisation. One thing I never tire of doing is asking questions about what we take for granted. My mantra in life is my favourite quote from Marshall McLuhan: "There is no inevitability so long as we are willing to contemplate what is happening."
Pete Farrugia is a doctoral candidate at the University of Malta, where he is a visiting lecturer in the Department of Youth and Community Studies. Pete is also training as a gestalt psychotherapist, supporting spiritual development and emotional health. Pete graduated M.Phil in Divinity from the University of Cambridge, before pursuing further studies in the area of conflict analysis and peace studies (George Mason University, USA).
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